Scientific Program

2017 Preliminary Conference Program

Sunday 2nd July 2017

Public Lecture: Prof Anthony Capon
Welcome and Awards Ceremony
Bazeley Oration - Prof Mariagrazia Pizza
Opening Reception/Poster Session I


Monday 3rd July 2017

Nancy Millis Student Breakfast
Plenary 1: Prof Robin Patel
Plenary 2: Prof Christopher Sassetti
Morning Tea

Laboratory Automation
Dr Maryza Graham
Dr Murray Robinson
Dr Michael Maley
Proferred Papers

Prof Philip Winstein
Dr Emily Flies
Dr Prasad Paradkar
Proferred Papers

Marine Microbiology
Prof Christian Voolstra
Dr Shauna Murray
Dr Jean-Baptiste Rana
Proferred Papers

Surface Structures and Complex Machines
Prof Trevor Lithgow
Dr Denisse Lleyton
Dr Nichollas Scott
Proferred Papers

Nancy Millis Student/ECR Lunch Lunch
ASM/BD Awards
Afternoon Tea

WGS in Clinical Diagnostics
Prof Ben Howden
Dr Cristiane Honisch
Dr Dieter Bulach
Proferred Papers

Virus-Host Interactions
Dr Sonja Best
Dr Francesca Frentiu
Proferred Papers

Innovations from Genomics
Prof Stuart Cordwell
Prof Ian Paulsen
Dr Brian Forde
Proferred Papers

Host-Pathogen Interactions
Dr Bill Petri
A/Prof James Fraser
Dr Andreas Kupz
Proferred Papers

Pittard and Fenner award lectures
Poster Session II


Tuesday 4th July 2017

Plenary 3: Prof Sonja Best
Plenary 4: Prof Bill Petri
Morning Tea
New Clinical Microbiology Diagnostics
Dr Robin Patel
Prof Tim Inglis
Dr Snhel Jadhav
Proferred Papers
Bacteriophage and Mobile Elements
Dr Jeremy Barr
Dr Josh Ramsay
Dr Mike McDonald
Proferred Papers
Environmental and Food Microbiology
Dr Jim He
A/Prof Martyn Kirk
A/Prof Tom Ross
Proferred Papers
Host-Gut Pathogen Interactions
A/Prof Phil Sutton
A/Prof Richard Ferrero
Prof Dena Lyras
Proferred Papers
Annual General Meeting Lunch
STI's and Diagnostics
Prof Monica Lahra
Prof Peter Timms
A/Prof David Whiley
Proferred Papers
Virulence Mechanisms
A/Prof Charlene Kahler
A/Prof Adam Polkinghorne
Dr Hayley Newton
Proferred Papers
Food Microbiology
Dr Kate Howell
Dr Van Ho
Dr Thea King
Proferred Papers
Microbial Evolution & Pathogens
Prof Alex Adrianopoulous
Dr Diane McDougald
Dr Kate Seib
Proferred Papers
Afternoon Tea

Human and Veterinary Infections
Prof Stephen Djordjevik
Dr Mark Davies
Dr David McMillan
Proferred Papers

Human Microbiome Pathogens
A/Prof Glen Ulett
A/Prof John Boyce
Dr Jai Tree
Proferred Papers

Ecological and Applied Microbiology
Dr Sasha Testu
Dr Phil Bond
Dr Perran Cook
Proferred Papers
Bacterial Virulence Mechanisms
Prof Christopher Sassetti
Dr Martina Sanderson-Smith
Dr Nick West
Proferred Papers
bioMerieux and Gilbert Award Lectures
Rubbo Oration - Prof Pascale Cossart
Rubbo Supper


Wednesday 5th July 2017

Plenary 5: Dr Christian Voolstra
Snowdon Lecture: Prof Bart Weimer
Morning Tea
Publishing in Nature Journals
Michael Chao, Associate Editor of Nature Microbiology
Education Symposium
Prof Sue Merkel
ASM History Symposium
Dr Heather Haines
Dr Diane Lightfoot
Dr Cheryl Power
Planetary and One Health
Prof Tony Capon
Prof Phil Boyd
Prof Tom Riley
Proferred Papers

Gut Microbiome

Dr Claire O'Brian
Dr Shakuntla Ghodania
Dr Rajaraman Eri
Proferred Papers

Ecological and Applied Microbiology
A/Prof Pauline Mele
Dr Chris Greening
Dr Matt Watts
Proferred Papers

Human Microbiome Pathogens
Prof Tim Stinear
A/Prof Ruiting Lan
A/Prof Ulrike Kappler
Proferred Papers

Closing Address