Sue Merkel

Sue Merkel began teaching in 1991, after receiving a MS in Microbiology from Cornell University.  She is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Microbiology at Cornell, where she teaches courses in general microbiology and public health microbiology. Her research focuses on the development and assessment of small group activities in large lecture courses.  In addition, she trains graduate students how to teach using evidence-based teaching and learning strategies.  She is the current Chair of the American Society of Microbiology Committee on Undergraduate Education and has led workshops on developing learning outcomes and assessments based on the American Society of Microbiology Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Microbiology. In 2015, the American Society of Microbiology honored her with the Carski Foundation Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award.  In addition to teaching, Merkel supports teaching and learning throughout the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell as the Associate Director of the Office of Academic Programs