Prof Peter Hawkey

Peter has published over 200 research papers in the areas of molecular evolution and epidemiology of antibiotic resistance, Clostridium difficile, tuberculosis and molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases. He is a regular speaker at international conferences and advisory boards on these topic areas. Peter has edited two widely used clinical microbiology post graduate textbooks: Principles and Practice of Clinical Bacteriology (Wiley) and Medical Bacteriology (OUP). His research support comes from the Department of Health (DoH), HPA, NERC, Wellcome Trust and the pharmaceutical industry. For the last 15 years Peter has researched extensively on the subject of antibiotic resistance in S.E. Asia particularly through collaborative projects with colleagues in China and is visiting Professor at Xiangya Hospital, South Central University, Changsha. He is currently involved in shaping UK national policy on nosocomial infection control and antibiotic resistance by chairing and participating in expert groups and committees in the UK and Europe.